July 28, 2023

Is The Bible Version Issue Based On FACTS or FAITH?

Question: is the bible version issue based on facts or faith? Well let me ask you another question before we answer that one., When Jesus Christ was here on the earth were there reasons, physical reasons...
July 28, 2023

The NKJV Translators Peddle The Word Of God For Profit

2 Corinthians 2 :17 says for we are not as many which corrupt the word of God but as of sincerity but as of God and the sight of God speak we in Christ. The King James Bible identifies that there are many...
July 25, 2023


This one is very shocking, the new King James version actually tells its readers to reject Jesus Christ and goes on to call him warped, sinning and self-condemned...
May 31, 2023

American Christians Have Been Disarmed!

American Christians have been disarmed. Many people don't even know that You say, "how?" Well, there's the actual physical, temporal disarming where a lot of these Church buildings are...
May 29, 2023

KJV Only Perfection

All right, I'm gonna do a video here talking about what I believe about the King James Bible in terms of is it the only perfect Word of God. What about other foreign language translations...
May 25, 2023

Why Can’t Lost People Understand The Bible?

You talk to lost people some times and it's like you're speaking another language when you start to talk about the Bible and subjects related to the Bible. And there is a very specific reason for that...
May 21, 2023

Why Is James White’s Book Endorsed By A JESUIT?

Why is James White's book endorsed by a Jesuit? Seems kind of strange, I mean James White proclaims to be a Calvinist and things like this. And most Calvinists throughout history have been very much...
May 19, 2023

Which Greek Text Do I Recommend?

Which Greek text do I recommend? I'll get that question periodically, and people say, "you know, well I do believe the King James Bible, but, you know, I like to study the Greek every once in a while." Why?...
May 17, 2023

What About The Agape/Phileo Myth?

FAQ 95: What About The Agape/Phileo Myth? By Brother Bryan Transcript All right, FAQ number 95: What about the agape/Phileo myth? If you haven’t heard of […]
May 15, 2023

The Vatican Writes Anti-Semitic New Versions

This is an interesting study. The King James Bible is for the Jewish people. The new Vatican versions (ESV, NIV, NASV, etc.) have been changed to reflect Catholicism's hatred of the Jewish people...