September 23, 2023

FAQ: Introduction

I’m going to start a series of videos on frequently asked questions that come into the ministry. I get a lot of people asking me questions and it's like, well, i'll eventually do a sermon on it and you. This series of FAQs address...
September 22, 2023

FAQ 1: What Is The Apocrypha?

Question number one: What Is The Apocrypha? On page 45 of The Answer Book by Dr. Sam Gipp, "Question: what is the LXX (i.e. The Apocrypha)? Answer: A figment of someone's imagination. Very good. Basically,..
September 21, 2023

FAQ 2: Why Did The AV1611 Contain The Apocrypha?

Frequently asked question number two: why did the 1611 King James Bible contain the Apocrypha? Simply put, for their historical quality. Now this is another one of the attacks that the "new versionists" will often come up with...
September 20, 2023

FAQ 3: What About The Book Of Enoch?

Alright, Frequently Asked Question Number three: What About The Book Of Enoch? Good questions. There are a couple of places in scripture where it talk about the book of Jasher, which I believe could very well be another way of saying,..
September 19, 2023

FAQ 4: Is The KJV SUPERIOR To The Original Autographs?

Frequently asked question number four: Is The King James Version SUPERIOR To The Original Autographs? Well, before I answer that, I have my King James Bible, my Cambridge edition I have used for year, but I don't seem to have a copy of...
September 18, 2023

FAQ 5: Is King James Onlyism Divisive?

Frequently asked question number five; is king james onlyism divisive. Turn in your King James Bible to Matthew chapter 10: 34-36. Jesus Christ came to send a sword? I wonder where else there's a reference to a sword in the bible? Hmm, I wonder...
September 17, 2023

FAQ 6: Is The Bible Version Issue Really That Important?

Frequently asked question number six: Is The Bible Version Issue Really That Important?. This another one I've gotten over the years. Aren't there more important things to fight about than the Bible, which Bible you use? Well, that depends on...
September 16, 2023

FAQ 7: Was The KJV Written By Sir Francis Bacon?

Frequently asked question number seven: Was the King James Bible written by Sir Francis Bacon? Well, did Donald Duck really go on a boat with Mickey Mouse? Stupid, idiotic nonsense, that's what this is. What "they" do is try to say that...
September 15, 2023

FAQ 8: Is The Pre-TRIBULATION Rapture Biblical?

Frequently Asked Question number eight: Is The Pre-TRIBULATION Rapture Biblical? Short answer: Yes and No. I am going to have to admit to a fault here publicly before god and men. And that is I have been helping to perpetuate a false system...
September 14, 2023

FAQ 9: Should Christians Divide Over The Timing Of The Rapture?

All right, FAQ number nine: Should we divide over the timing of the rapture? People say it doesn't matter what you are, you know, if your post-trib, pre-trib, mid-trib, whatever, it doesn't matter. Well, if you seen my study on the false god of post-trib Christians...
September 13, 2023

FAQ 10: Wasn’t Erasmus A Catholic?

FAQ number 10, the question is: Wasn't Erasmus a catholic, a Roman Catholic? The man who started to compile what later became known as the Textus Receptus, Desiderius Erasmus, way back in the early 1500s he was in fact, a Catholic scholar...
September 12, 2023

FAQ 11: Is The KJV “Double-Inspired?”

There are all these attacks that the Roman Catholics/Alexanderines try to put on Bible believing Christians and they say, "Do you believe the king James bible is the inspired word of God?" And you say, "Oh yes I do." And then they will say, "It's just a translation, and no translation can be inspired...
September 11, 2023

FAQ 12: Where Were Bible Believers BEFORE Roman Catholicism?

Another the Roman Catholic church likes to levy against us is, "Where were 'Bible Believing Christins," like you, before the reformation?" The same place we are today. The Catholics call us "hereticks" today, just like they called the early Christian groups like the...
September 10, 2023

FAQ 13: More On The Book Of Enoch

I want to do another quick comment on the Book of Enoch that I didn't cover in the FAQ 3 video. The main reason I reject it is because it does not appear in the King James Bible; the reference in Jude 1:14-15 does not mention "The book of Enoch"...