Exposing the Trinity

Sermons by Brother Bryan Denlinger
August 7, 2019

One Verse Which Describes Trinitarians Perfectly!

I'm gonna give you one verse from the King James Bible that best describes Trinitarians. This describes him perfectly the verses found in Psalm 62:4, let me read it to you...
August 6, 2019

Did Jesus Talk To Himself?

Did Jesus talk to himself? Well, another question I'd like to ask is, do you talk to yourself? Gonna do a study on this. One of the attacks of the pagan Trinitarians or Muslims or atheists is...
August 5, 2019

There Is Still Hope For Trinitarian Heretics

Well, I got good news for you if you're a trinitarian, there is still hope for you. You can still understand very simply what the Bible teaches about God not being three different people or persons...
August 4, 2019

Bryan Denlinger Is Now A Trinity!

I am Bryan the son. I am Bryan the father. I am Bryan the holy creature. We are a Trinity. I am NOT the son. I am NOT the holy preacher. I am NOT the father. But we are all Bryan...
August 3, 2019

Answering A Letter On The Trinity

All right, I got a letter here in the mail the other day. It says – the name is Adam here, no last name – all right, I'm going to read it here. it says: "Brian you keep teaching on your YouTube channel and...
August 2, 2019

The Perverted “Union” Of The Trinity

There is no loving marriage-type relationship between the Father and the Son! You will be shocked at who all has tried to teach this perverted blasphemy!..