Studies by Brother Bryan Denlinger
September 12, 2023

FAQ 11: Is The KJV “Double-Inspired?”

There are all these attacks that the Roman Catholics/Alexanderines try to put on Bible believing Christians and they say, "Do you believe the king James bible is the inspired word of God?" And you say, "Oh yes I do." And then they will say, "It's just a translation, and no translation can be inspired...
September 11, 2023

FAQ 12: Where Were Bible Believers BEFORE Roman Catholicism?

Another the Roman Catholic church likes to levy against us is, "Where were 'Bible Believing Christins," like you, before the reformation?" The same place we are today. The Catholics call us "hereticks" today, just like they called the early Christian groups like the...
September 8, 2023

FAQ 15: Should A Christian Work For The Government?

This is another question that I kind of can't answer it directly because things are far different today than they were in the past. I would say back in the past, like say back in the 1800's, I would say that a Christian could work for any branch of the government. Today?...