Studies by Brother Bryan Denlinger
September 12, 2023

FAQ 11: Is The KJV “Double-Inspired?”

There are all these attacks that the Roman Catholics/Alexanderines try to put on Bible believing Christians and they say, "Do you believe the king James bible is the inspired word of God?" And you say, "Oh yes I do." And then they will say, "It's just a translation, and no translation can be inspired...
September 11, 2023

FAQ 12: Where Were Bible Believers BEFORE Roman Catholicism?

Another the Roman Catholic church likes to levy against us is, "Where were 'Bible Believing Christins," like you, before the reformation?" The same place we are today. The Catholics call us "hereticks" today, just like they called the early Christian groups like the...
September 10, 2023

FAQ 13: More On The Book Of Enoch

I want to do another quick comment on the Book of Enoch that I didn't cover in the FAQ 3 video. The main reason I reject it is because it does not appear in the King James Bible; the reference in Jude 1:14-15 does not mention "The book of Enoch"...
September 9, 2023

FAQ 14: What About UFO’s?

I believe in UFOs, yes I do. I don't believe in space aliens. I don't believe in Star Trek or Star Wars kind of fantasy nonsense, but I do believe that there are flying objects that haven't been identified. I might eventually do a more detailed study on this subject, but for now...
September 8, 2023

FAQ 15: Should A Christian Work For The Government?

This is another question that I kind of can't answer it directly because things are far different today than they were in the past. I would say back in the past, like say back in the 1800's, I would say that a Christian could work for any branch of the government. Today?...
September 7, 2023

FAQ 16: Who Was Romans 10 Written To?

Some wacky hyper-dispensationalists, namely Martin Richling, the heretic that he is, trying to claim that the first eight verses of Romans 10:1-8 are Paul writing only to the Jews in the time of Jacob's trouble, when it is clearly for Christians today!..
September 6, 2023

FAQ 17: What About Death Bed Confessions?

You get these people, their whole life they've rejected Jesus Christ, and on their death bed they get saved. What about that? I don't believe in them, except for some very rare occasions when someone managed to live their whole life without ever...
September 5, 2023

FAQ 18: Were The KJV Translators Bible Believers?

The question comes up, were the King James Translators Bible Believing Christian? The reason this question comes up is because of the section "From the Translators to the Reader." The translators were scholars who sought to accurately translate the King James Bible...
September 4, 2023

FAQ 19: Is The Rapture Part Of Our Salvation?

As I figured was going to happen, when I came out with my study on the false god of post-trib Christians, a lot of people are now saying that I'm preaching a false gospel because I say "Pre-Time of Jacob's Trouble Rapture belief is part of your salvation...
September 3, 2023

FAQ 20: Should We Support NON-KJV Ministries?

Should we support them? Are they doing good things? Well, what does the Bible say in Revelation 22:18-19? That's a very serious warning not to mess with scripture. And you see these, new versions, they're changing the word of God; they are...
September 2, 2023

FAQ 21: Is It Ever Right To Use Contraceptives?

This is a question I was asked, and I've been asked it before so I thought I would address this in an FAQ. No. When you use contraceptives you are essentially aborting babies, okay? Short answer: No, I don't think it's ever right...