Studies by Brother Bryan Denlinger
September 1, 2023

FAQ 22: How Much Time Before The Rapture?

How Much Time Before The Rapture? Oh Boy! July 7th, 2015, my birthday; the Lord's going to do that for me. Just kidding. Honestly, I don't know. No one does. There are a lot of different theories out there, but what does the Bible say?..
August 31, 2023

FAQ 23: 1 Timothy 6: 10 and The Original Sin

The question comes up if we go back to Genesis 3:1-5. The skeptic will come along and say, "See, the King James Bible is in error because of the "contradiction" between Genesis 3:1-5 and 1 Timothy 6:10." Saying that show a very naive mind...
August 30, 2023

FAQ 24: Why Did John ADMIRE The Harlot In Revelation 17: 6?

The question comes up, "Why Did John ADMIRE The Harlot In Revelation 17:6?" Let's go there, Revelation 17:4-6. So now the "new versionist perverts" will come along and say the King James Bible is being very nice the Roman Catholic System here so it must be...
August 29, 2023

FAQ 25: Why Were There Three Different Things Written On The Cross?

Another objection you will get from people who are trying to disprove the Bible, the King James Bible, they will say there are different contradicting accounts, at least 3 different, contradicting accounts of what was written on the cross above Jesus; each one saying...
August 28, 2023

FAQ 26: How Did Judas Iscariot Die?

How Did Judas Iscariot Die? This is another one that people will bring up as another contradiction in the King James Bible because in Matthew 7:5 it says he hanged himself. However, in Acts 1:18 it says he fell headlong and all of his guts gushed out. So they say,..
August 27, 2023

FAQ 27: What About Foreign Language Translations?

What about foreign language translations and are they comparable to the KJV? Another attack that will come on you as a King James Bible-believing Christian is, "So you believe the only perfect word of God is the english language Bible? You mean foreign people need to...