Studies by Brother Bryan Denlinger
August 20, 2023

FAQ 33: Should A Christian Give Money To Homeless People That Reject Christ?

Another very good question um you can turn in your Bible to 2 John 8-10. TIn these verses it is talking about people that are professing to be saved and they're not. You know people that are not, that are definitely lost, you're not supposed to invite them into your house...
August 19, 2023

FAQ 34: What Is The Difference Between Fellowship And Social Gathering?

Another really good question. Turn in your King James Bible to Acts 2:41-42. Here you have the first evangelical outreach, if you will, of the newly formed body of Christ (Of course they are not called Christians until Act 11:26). In verse 42 we have them "...continuing in...
August 17, 2023

FAQ 36: What Does It Mean To Be Ashamed Of The Word Of God?

turn in your Bible to Luke 9:23-26. Notice the distinction between Jesus and the written words, "for whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words of him shall the son of man be ashamed when he shall come in his own glory and in his father's and of the Holy Angels...
August 11, 2023

FAQ 41: Can False Converts Get Saved AFTER The Rapture?

Can false converts get saved after the rapture? Avery good question. And in all honesty, that depends on their attitude towards the truth! I've been over this many times before, but since this is a frequently asked question, I will go over it again to make this point...
August 10, 2023

FAQ 42: Are We The Bride Or The Body Of Christ?

I've seen this thing come up in some of the comments, and I can tell you the the type of people that are doing this are they're called "Baptist Briders." Basically what the teaching is is that there's the body of Christ, which is all of the saved people, but the bride of Christ is...