Studies by Brother Bryan Denlinger
August 9, 2023

FAQ 43: Does The Bible Teach A Flat Earth?

Does the Bible teach a Flat Earth? Let's look about that. Turn first to Isaiah chapter 11. There are two references to this in the King James Bible so we're gonna look at both of them very quickly. Isaiah 11:12 is the first reference, while Revelation 7:1 is the second. Bothe of these...
August 7, 2023

FAQ 45: Why Was God So Cruel In The Old Testament?

Why was God so cruel in the Old Testament? Here's another one that you're gonna get, another attack that atheists and other people that are lost and on their way to hell and don't like the Bible will use. They'll quote different stories from the Old Testament and they'll say,..
August 5, 2023

FAQ 46: Did The Chief Priests Or Judas Iscariot Buy The Field?

This is actually pretty interesting one. the question often comes up, did the chief priests by the field or did Judas Iscariot buy the field. Short answer: Yes. Turn in your King James Bible to Matthew 27:3-10. In this passage, Judas was given 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus...