Sermons & Teachings

By Brother Bryan Denlinger
August 24, 2023

The Season Of Sin Has Ended

Americans have been addicted to the false "pleasure" which comes from what the Bible calls "sin." People have lived in unrepentant sin and wickedness for a very long time, and now...
August 24, 2023

Right Wing Papists Preparing For A Holy War

I explained years ago how that the Jesuits have been building a right-wing Fascist political movement by allowing the liberal left to get away with crime. This plan is now getting close to completion...
August 21, 2023

Gene Kim Says It’s OK To Be In Debt

American economic debt is at crisis level right now, and tomorrow will be the BRICS summit meeting, which could change world history. Yet instead of following the scriptures and warning about being in debt,..
August 21, 2023

BRICS Meeting, CBDC, And The Mark Of The Beast

Tomorrow will be the big BRICS summit, where a new Gold-backed currency is announced. The American dollar is headed for destruction, and will bring in the collapse of this once great nation. What should...
August 21, 2023

Ministry Disqualifications

The King James Bible gives very specific requirements for men that are in ministry. In this sermon we will be looking at these requirements in great detail. It is extremely important for Christians to purge out the...
August 21, 2023

Jesus, Or The Antichrist In Daniel 9:27?

There is a debate about the identity of the "prince that shall come" in Daniel 9:26, and what the "covenant" is that he confirms in verse 27 of the same chapter. Some say that it is a reference to Jesus Christ...
August 17, 2023

U.S. Military vs American Patriots, Who Wins?

President Joe Biden said in a speech that Americans would not be able to defeat a tyrannical government with AR-15 rifles, and that American citizens would need F-15 fighter jets to beat the military...
August 17, 2023

Have You Been Witnessing To Future Saints?

Our job has never been to "win souls." A Christian's job is to 1. Plant seeds of truth and 2. Water seeds that were previously sown. It is up to God to save people, not us. There have been billions of...
August 17, 2023

It Is Easier To Die For Jesus, Than To Live For Jesus

The abomination of modern professing "Christianity" preaches a "life-enhancement" gospel, where accepting Jesus as your Savior, makes all of your problems go away. This might sound good...
August 16, 2023

It Is Too Late To Turn Away God’s Wrath From America

This short study will cover the fact that a nation can get to a point in time, when God will no longer spare the people because of years of unrepentant sin. Modern professing "Christians" will never...