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We now have ministry T-shirts with our new logo available on Amazon. Both men's and women's styles, as well as multiple colors and sizes available. John 17:17 on quoted on the back.

Multiple color variations available | 9 color swatches

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The Godhead Doctrine

By Bryan Denlinger

The Godhead Doctrine takes a biblical approach to dismantling the heretical teachings of The Trinity; a term found nowhere in the The King James Bible. Using a systematic approach, Brother Bryan walks the reader through scripture after scripture, dissecting the arguments made by papists and heretics along the way, helping you to understand the true nature of God.

Excerpt: "Now let us return to the original statement that, 'Jesus is God.' If you believe this, then it would logically follow that every reference to God in the Bible must be tied in some way to the person of Jesus Christ. The Judeo-Christian faith is monotheistic. There can be only ONE person named 'God,' not three different persons, all sharing a title, while claiming to be to same ONE God..."

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