The Resurrection

Sermons by Brother Bryan Denlinger
August 21, 2023

PreTrib Rapture Scriptures In Colossians

Again answering the thing that there are no PreTrib Rapture scriptures that prove the church will be leaving before this "tribulation." I beg to differ. I am going to show to you today quite a few in the book of Colossians...
August 20, 2023

PreTrib Rapture Scriptures In 1 Thessalonians

This week we are going to do 1 Thessalonians, the book of 1 Thessalonians. And you know, I went through that book and I couldn't find one clear verse on the PreTrib Rapture. Especially in chapter 4. So that's going to be...
August 19, 2023

PreTrib Rapture Scriptures In 2 Thessalonians

We are going to look at PreTrib Rapture scriptures in the book of 2 Thessalonians. I'm going to warn you, at the very beginning, if you are a post-tribber, you;re going to come out of this thing wiht a migraine headache...