The True Gospel

Studies By Bryan Denlinger
September 10, 2023

Some Final Thoughts On The Faith Alone Issue

I've preached the same Gospel for years and years. God came to save sinners. He draws sinners to a point of repentance; you are convicted by the sins you commit, and you come before a Holy and Righteous God, and you call upon Him...
September 9, 2023

Jesus Rejects Salvation By Faith Alone In Matthew 25!

The non-dispensational people that don't understand scripture will say that you're saved by grace through faith and you have eternal security, and that's the way it's always been. I'm gonna show you that Jesus Christ Himself rejects that...
September 8, 2023

Asymptomatic Salvation

In keeping with modern terminology and the whole thing that came out there in 2020, for the first time ever we had disease that was called "asymptomatic:" You can now be sick without feeling like you're sick. So, in keeping with modern "science"...
September 7, 2023

No Prayer For Salvation?

There are false brethren which say they don't need to pray to God to be saved, but rather just "believe" in your mind that you are saved. Yet these same hypocrites will then tell people to PRAY to God to help them when they get into trouble. Why?..
September 6, 2023

Why I Get People To Doubt Their Salvation

A question comes up often as to why I get people to doubt their salvation. If you're doing something and you're not repenting, and there's no chastening in your life, then you're probably not saved. Have you ever heard me say stuff like...
September 5, 2023

God’s Grace

All right today I'm going to talk to you about the subject of grace. This is actually the first sermon I ever recorded, way back on may 3rd, 2009. The subject of grace, the first recorded sermon I ever did. When I first started out, I was...
September 4, 2023

How FAITH Plugs Into GRACE

I want to talk to you real quickly about how faith plugs into grace. Using a light bulb and a plug in the wall, I am going to demonstrate this very thing. The light bulb being "Faith," the wall socket is "Grace." There are a lot of people going around...
September 3, 2023

The Bible Doctrine of “Easy Believism”

W're here in God's creation and we're going to do our study on the Bible doctrine of "Easy Bleievism." What? I thought Bryan didn't believe in that. On no, the King James bible does actually teach easy believism. But there's a catch to it...
September 2, 2023

Easy Believism Is NOT Easy!

I just want to make an observation. This heresy of easy believeism it's not really easy. I've been dealing with these heretics for a long time now and they say it's only belief. You say, "Well, I do believe Jesus died for my sins." They say, "Yes, but...
September 1, 2023

Salvation WORKS

Turn in your King James Bible to Acts 26:16-21. Paul's on trial here and he's telling the story about how Jesus came to him on the road to Damascus. Why were the Jews so anxious to kill Paul? Because he was preaching to the Gentiles...
August 31, 2023

The Right Testimony, But The WRONG Gospel?

Turn in your King James Bible to Colossians 2:8. You know this if you're been saved for a while, this is a key scripture, it describes a lot of people. There's a lot of people out there that when you examine their testimony, it sounds really good...